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Bottoms Up! Nanotechnology ‘Escapes’ Into Food Supply

Did you know there are man-made machines that are invisible to the naked eye? Microscopic guitars, cars, computers and many invisible things are being designed using nanotechnology.

Now nanotech’s found its way into food. Yes, nano foods are already on store shelves.

Reading about nanotech reminds this blogger of a scene from the 2003 movie X2: X-Men United. In the scene Magneto Escapes, the movie’s villain Magneto breaks out of confinement by extracting iron from a prison guard’s blood. No, the prison guard didn’t boost his body’s iron levels feasting on chicken liver just before going to work. His body was hacked. The scene Bottoms Up! shows how the “iron hack” was done.

So what do these advancements in nanotech potentially mean? For starters, every one of us and everything in life is now potentially hackable. Bottoms up, folks!

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Living Frugally in New York City

This amNewYork article by Sheila Anne Feeney shares some ideas and tips on how New Yorkers can have fun ‘stretching dollars.’

Two examples of online bargains listed in the article’s sidebar are:

  • – a newsletter about free/cheap events in New York City
  • – a list of scheduled swap meets in New York City

The article is a worthwhile read for NYC’s budget-conscious individual.

Article: Frugalistas Refuse to Spend at N.Y. Pace: Finding
Deals Outside of Mainstream Retail

Author: Sheila Anne Feeney

Motivational Quote: 02/01/2012

“When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.”

~Anthony J. D’Angelo, ‘The College Blue Book’

What happens when a tree is pruned by “hacking at the leaves”? Well, under “normal” conditions, the tree becomes healthier and more robust. The tree flourishes.

Most of us go through life pruning a problem that should be uprooted. Our “leaf-hacking” gives the problem more time and energy to yield healthier, more robust, more potent problems. Continue reading