Motivational Quote: 02/01/2012

“When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.”

~Anthony J. D’Angelo, ‘The College Blue Book’

What happens when a tree is pruned by “hacking at the leaves”? Well, under “normal” conditions, the tree becomes healthier and more robust. The tree flourishes.

Most of us go through life pruning a problem that should be uprooted. Our “leaf-hacking” gives the problem more time and energy to yield healthier, more robust, more potent problems.

Think of your life as a forest with all kinds of trees. The trees represent the experiences–people, flora, fauna, places, things, so on and so forth–that give your life its unique character…and challenges.

Now, your life’s work is to be Best Caretaker of the Forest Called Your Life. Your job is to prune and nurture trees (experiences) that promote overall health in your forest (vision/life) and uproot trees that are bringers of disease.

Your goal as caretaker is to keep the forest (your life) healthy and efficient. The best way to accomplish the goal would be to constantly observe, research, study, test, revise and upgrade your tools and methods. You must become so expert at caretaking (living) that nothing about you or your forest (life) is superficial or wasteful.

As your caretaking skills grow, one fruit of your labors will be the ability to discern which tree needs a hacking of the leaves and which tree needs digging at the root. Most importantly, you’ll neither dig out a tree that only needs pruning, nor prune a tree that needs digging out of Your Forest.

What’s your interpretation of this quotation?

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