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Friday Sound-Off: BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton

From their debut album, The Land of Make Believe, the song Just Be by BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton…

Thanks to BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton and the folks at Free Music Archive for making Just Be downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

Friday Sound-Off: Gilberto Gil

This weekend’s Friday Sound-Off artist is Gilberto Gil. His song Oslodum is included on The Wired CD, a music sampler that was part of Wired Magazine Issue 12.11. The Wired CD features works by various artists and was released under Creative Commons licenses that make it easier to enjoy and share the music.

Musician Gilberto Gil

Musician Gilberto Gil
(Image credit: smith_pat83)

You’re free to download, rip, sample, mash and share Oslodum or any of the other songs from The Wired CD.

R e l a t e d   L i n k s :

Wired 12.11: Sample The Future (wired.com)
Free Music Archive: Wired Magazine – The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share (freemusicarchive.org)