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Friday Sound-Off: Joe Marson and The Satisfied Mind

This Sound-Off features Joe Marson & The Satisfied Mind performing Poor
St. John
at Rockwood Music Hall, New York City.

Thanks to Joe Marson & The Satisfied Mind, the folks at Free Music Archive and blocSonic Netlabel for making Poor St. John downloadable in MP3, OGG and FLAC formats.

Have a great weekend…

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Friday Sound-Off: 60 Tigres

This Sound-Off: 60 Tigres’ Garage.

Thanks to 60 Tigres, the folks at Free Music Archive for making Garage downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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@nycework tweet digest: 06/16-21/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? The secret link between happiness and better work; helping someone is helping yourself; using “unclear” words to connect with your audience; noble computing; they summon your apps with light and sound; your gadget is a marketing spy; whoa, they can hack that, too…

Here’s a quick summary of tweets posted by @nycework between June 16 through June 21, 2013:


Internet marketers can track you by “fingerprinting” your devices.
(Image credit: Adaiyaalam via Wikipedia Commons)

  • A quote by H. Norman Schwartzkopf about what happens when you help someone meet a goal;
  • an article about how crooks use music, lighting and TV frequencies to trigger malicious apps in smartphones and other devices;
  • a video in which Shawn Achor shares the secret formula for happiness and better work;
  • a list of words that have many meanings, which makes them perfect for “spicing up” your headlines and titles;
  • a list article suggesting ways you can compute and be environmentally friendly;
  • an article about how Internet marketers are silently and aggressively tracking you by “fingerprinting” the devices you use to access the Internet;
  • and, @nycework’s previous digest that includes a video post featuring Avi Rubin talking about how easily hackable all technological devices are.

Enjoy! Continue reading

Friday Sound-Off: Sebastian Arnold

This Sound-Off features a video clip of Sebastian Arnold performing Insert Coin.

Thanks to Sebastian Arnold, the folks at last.fm for making Insert Coin downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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Music at Starbucks Could Trigger Malware On Your Device

Author: Heather Kuhla

Standing in a long line for coffee could be a gruesome wait, thought branding specialists at Starbucks. Soon they installed sound systems in many of their restaurants and even began offering compilation CD’s and music on kiosks while waiting in line. It was beginning to be an experience just waiting in line for coffee. No one would have thought his or her cell phone would be vulnerable for acquiring harmful software in a coffee shop.

Coffed beans on striped wooden cutting board

Music, TV, video and lighting can be used by evildoers to trigger malware in cellphones and other devices. (Image credit: Alex Upshur / Greenraystudio via Wikimedia Commons)

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have recently discovered a new way for evildoers to discretely take control of your smartphone or portable device through ambient sound and light provided at Starbucks coffee shops. Continue reading

Friday Sound-Off: FMLYBND

This Sound-Off features FMLYBND’s Electricity.

Thanks to FMLYBND and the folks at Sound Cloud for making Electricity downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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Friday Sound-Off: AfroCubism

This Sound-Off features a video clip of AfroCubism performing Nima Diyala at Festival Mar de Músicas in Cartagena, Spain, on July 9, 2010.

Thanks to AfroCubism, the folks at Free Music Archive, WFMU and Primavera Sound for making Nima Diyala downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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Friday Sound-Off: BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton

From their debut album, The Land of Make Believe, the song Just Be by BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton…

Thanks to BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton and the folks at Free Music Archive for making Just Be downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

Friday Sound-Off: Hannah Georgas

This Sound-Off features a video of Hannah Georgas performing The Beat Stuff.

Hannah Georgas’ performance of The Beat Stuff at CBC Radio 3‘s studio on March 23, 2009, is available for download in MP3 format.

Thanks to Hannah Georgas, the folks at CBC Radio 3 and Free Music Archive.

Have a great weekend…

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Friday Sound-Off: Fitz and The Tantrums

This Sound-Off features a video clip of Fitz and The Tantrums performing Don’t Gotta Work It Out at KEXP on January 20, 2012.

Click here to watch the full performance.

Thanks to Fitz and The Tantrums, the folks at KEXP and Free Music Archive for making Don’t Gotta Work It Out downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…