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I’m Not Irresponsible or Unreliable…I’m Under Siege

My apologies to readers of this blog. For some years I’ve been under attack by a network of criminal elements who refuse to identify themselves or their agenda but continue to attempt to rob me of life, liberty and happiness on a daily basis.

Recently they’ve begun aggressively disrupting my computing activity. They’ve orchestrated everything from computer “glitches” to blocking Internet access to hacking my Internet sessions in real time.

So my sincerest apologies to this site’s visitors if I’m unable to publish material on a regular basis. I’m doing the best I can given the circumstances. Thought I’d let you know…



Friday Sound-Off: Joe Marson and The Satisfied Mind

This Sound-Off features Joe Marson & The Satisfied Mind performing Poor
St. John
at Rockwood Music Hall, New York City.

Thanks to Joe Marson & The Satisfied Mind, the folks at Free Music Archive and blocSonic Netlabel for making Poor St. John downloadable in MP3, OGG and FLAC formats.

Have a great weekend…

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