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Friday Sound-Off: FMLYBND

This Sound-Off features FMLYBND’s Electricity.

Thanks to FMLYBND and the folks at Sound Cloud for making Electricity downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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@nycework tweet digest: 06/02-07/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? Remember always, you *are* good fortune; leadership the clear-headed way; making a good first and last impression with your customers; getting people to spread your ideas; tools to make social-media marketing easier; super-fast phone chargers en route; Wi-Fi routers don’t care much for plant life…

Here’s a quick summary of tweets posted by @nycework between June 2 through June 7, 2013:

Cheers! You *are* good fortune.

Cheers! You *are* good fortune.
(Image credit: Willem81 via Wikimedia Commons)

  • A quote by Walt Whitman reminding you that you are good fortune;
  • a video in which Seth Godin discusses meaningful ways to connect with people so they’ll gladly spread your ideas;
  • an article by Dave Sheffield that uses an experience he had onboard a plane to illustrate 3 principles that make your customer interactions outstanding;
  • an article about how to develop clear-headed leadership strategies that accomplish your goals in less stressful ways;
  • an article that lists 30 tools you can use to track, manage and fine-tune your social-media marketing campaign;
  • an article about how an experiment to find a link between extended cellphone use and the inability to concentrate led some ninth grade students to the discovery that plants won’t grow near Wi-Fi routers;
  • and, @nycework’s previous digest that includes a post about Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old student whose superconductor invention charges phones in seconds.

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Friday Sound-Off: AfroCubism

This Sound-Off features a video clip of AfroCubism performing Nima Diyala at Festival Mar de Músicas in Cartagena, Spain, on July 9, 2010.

Thanks to AfroCubism, the folks at Free Music Archive, WFMU and Primavera Sound for making Nima Diyala downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

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Friday Sound-Off: BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton

From their debut album, The Land of Make Believe, the song Just Be by BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton…

Thanks to BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton and the folks at Free Music Archive for making Just Be downloadable in MP3 format.

Have a great weekend…

Friday Sound-Off: Hannah Georgas

This Sound-Off features a video of Hannah Georgas performing The Beat Stuff.

Hannah Georgas’ performance of The Beat Stuff at CBC Radio 3‘s studio on March 23, 2009, is available for download in MP3 format.

Thanks to Hannah Georgas, the folks at CBC Radio 3 and Free Music Archive.

Have a great weekend…

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