@nycework tweet digest: 06/02-07/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? Remember always, you *are* good fortune; leadership the clear-headed way; making a good first and last impression with your customers; getting people to spread your ideas; tools to make social-media marketing easier; super-fast phone chargers en route; Wi-Fi routers don’t care much for plant life…

Here’s a quick summary of tweets posted by @nycework between June 2 through June 7, 2013:

Cheers! You *are* good fortune.

Cheers! You *are* good fortune.
(Image credit: Willem81 via Wikimedia Commons)

  • A quote by Walt Whitman reminding you that you are good fortune;
  • a video in which Seth Godin discusses meaningful ways to connect with people so they’ll gladly spread your ideas;
  • an article by Dave Sheffield that uses an experience he had onboard a plane to illustrate 3 principles that make your customer interactions outstanding;
  • an article about how to develop clear-headed leadership strategies that accomplish your goals in less stressful ways;
  • an article that lists 30 tools you can use to track, manage and fine-tune your social-media marketing campaign;
  • an article about how an experiment to find a link between extended cellphone use and the inability to concentrate led some ninth grade students to the discovery that plants won’t grow near Wi-Fi routers;
  • and, @nycework’s previous digest that includes a post about Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old student whose superconductor invention charges phones in seconds.



June 2

“Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune.”~Walt Whitman | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-gQ #qotw #quote

Last week’s highlights: 18-Year-Old’s Invention Charges #Phone In Seconds… & more | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-ht

June 3

#SethGodin: #HowTo Get Your #Ideas To Spread | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-5P #marketing #otaku @ted

June 4

Wonder Woman Airlines: 3 Ways to Create Amazing #Customer Experiences | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-hC #smallbiz #entrepreneurship

June 5

For Great #Leadership, Clear Your Head <via @HarvardBiz> | http://bit.ly/nL29k9 #business #management

June 6

30 Useful #SocialMedia #Marketing Tools | http://bit.ly/r1cE3i #sm

June 7

Students’ #Science Experiment Finds #Plants Won’t Grow Near #WiFi #Router | http://is.gd/ysIGjB r/t [@lifewitheeepc]

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