@nycework tweet digest: 05/26-31/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? Slashing big bills; fingerprinting your success; charging mobile phones super-fast; levitating furniture; gadgets that led but weren’t followed; life imitating science fiction; even grandma has a drone…

Here’s a quick summary of tweets posted by @nycework between May 26 and May 31, 2013:

Oprah Winfrey's signature (Image credit: Wikipedia)
  • A quote by Oprah Winfrey on how to truly succeed;
  • an article about how publicly- and privately-owned drones are raising serious privacy concerns;
  • an article with video about Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old whose supercapacitor invention charges mobile phones in seconds;
  • an article about 27 science-fiction concepts that became scientific facts in 2012;
  • an article featuring 20 innovative, futuristic-looking pieces of home furnishing ranging from a levitating, cloud-shaped couch to a pod-shaped bathtub with built-in MP3 player;
  • an article about 5 gadgets that were commercially unsuccessful because they were too advanced for their time;
  • and, @nycework’s previous digest that includes a post about how to quickly cut 5 big household bills.



May 26

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique…” | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-gG #qotw #quote

Last week’s highlights: 5 Big #Household #Bills You Can Cut Fast… & more | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-gf

May 27

Increasingly Popular #Drones Causing *Major* #Privacy Concerns <via @lawyerscom> | http://is.gd/P1fCA0 #tech

May 28

18-Year-Old’s Invention Charges #Phone In Seconds <via @RawStory> | http://is.gd/hP1KLG #science #tech @lifewitheeepc

May 29

20 #Futuristic #Home #Furniture Designs <via @hongkiat> | http://is.gd/eLUQta

May 30

27 #Science Fiction #Ideas That Became Science Fact In #2012 <via @myscience1> | http://is.gd/PC8aLP

May 31

5 #Gadgets That Were Ahead of Their @Time | http://is.gd/TJR5Rm #tech [r/t @nycework]

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