@nycework tweet digest: 05/05-10/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? Rough Times begone; releasing the extraordinary person trapped within you; call me Mack the Scalpel; we know what you charged last summer; chow’s growing a mustache; why o why, robot; and, Action…

Here’s a quick summary of tweets posted by @nycework between May 5 and May 10, 2013:

TOPIO 3.0 - Humanoid Robot at IREX 2009, Tokyo, Japan

TOPIO 3.0 – Humanoid Robot at IREX 2009, Tokyo, Japan
(Photo credit: Humanrobo)

  • A quote by Jean Houston about how extraordinary you really are;
  • an article about how to stay awesome by constantly upgrading your mind, your relationships and your skills;
  • an article listing 5 healthy financial habits that’ll get you through economic booms and busts;
  • an article about how human hair is an ingredient commonly found in commercial bread;
  • an infographic with tips on how to make quality, professional-grade business videos;
  • an article about what it potentially means when robots take over tasks done by humans;
  • and, a link to @nycework’s previous tweet digest that includes a post about sneaky practices used by credit card companies to invade cardholder privacy.



May 5

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.”~Jean Houston | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-dI #qotw

Last week’s highlights: What You Might Not Know About #CreditCards and Your #Privacy… & more | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-do

May 6

#HowTo Keep Yourself Sharp <via @JWhite> | http://is.gd/vLMi3J #SelfImprovement

May 7

5 Strategies for Surviving #ToughTimes <via @YahooFinance> | http://is.gd/UEdXH6 #money

May 8

#FYI: Common Ingredient in Commercial #Bread? Human #Hair Harvested in China <via @HealthRanger> | http://is.gd/ROQvir

May 9 

#Infographic: #HowTo Make A Quality #Business #Video <via @infographics4u> | http://is.gd/91qSOO #marketing

May 10

#Robots Will Do Everything You Do Now, Only Better—What Then? <via @singularityhub> | http://is.gd/Hkk3WH #tech

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