@nycework tweet digest: 03/31 – 04/05/2013

Last week’s tweet highlights in a nutshell? Success on easy and doable terms; 3D printing powered by your mind; break old writing rules, get more responses to your e-mail; restoring self-confidence, naturally; a farewell to local and network HDTV; weird, WEIRD North Americans; toxic water supplies…

Posted by @nycework between March 31 and April 5, 2013, the noteworthy tweets include:

3D printed blue tree frogs in different layer thicknesses

3D-printed blue tree frogs in different layer thicknesses
(Photo credit: Creative Tools)

  • A quote by Maya Angelou defining ‘success’ in a clear and personally achievable way;
  • an article explaining why writing your e-mail’s conclusion first will get you more favorable responses;
  • an article about an FCC ruling that allows cable companies to scramble or encrypt local HDTV and network broadcasts. The ruling, which takes effect on April 10, 2013, means you’ll need a cable company-provided set-top box to watch HDTV broadcasts;
  • an infographic describing what 3D printing is, how it could forever change lives, and why big business might not want you anywhere near a 3D printer;
  • an article about North American culture and its weird effects on the way North Americans relate to self, other inhabitants of the planet, and the environment;
  • an article with pointers on how to rekindle self-confidence…naturally;
  • and, @nycework’s previous tweet digest with an article about a 2011 environmental study that found toxic water supplies in 43 US states…and more.



Mar 31

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”~Maya Angelou | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-9l #qotw

Last week’s highlights: Study Finds #Toxic #Water Supply in 43 US States… & more | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-99

Apr 1

Write Your Email’s Conclusion *First* to Get More Responses <via @lifehacker> | http://is.gd/NqxdL4

Apr 2

Kiss Your Free #HDTV Picture Goodbye <via @mouseprint> | http://is.gd/FL1bT5 [r/t @nycediapers]

Apr 3

#Infographic: What’s #3Dprinting And Why Should I Care? <via @the_infographic> | http://is.gd/SbJKwG @lifewitheeepc

Apr 4

Why North Americans Are WEIRD and weird <via @FastCoDesign> | http://is.gd/N7Wfg7 #psychology

Apr 5

#HowTo Rekindle Self-Confidence…Naturally <via @JWhite> | http://is.gd/We8Tjk

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