@nycework tweet digest: 03/10-15/2013

Here are seven mind-expanding tweets posted by @nycework between March 10 and March 15, 2013, and include:

Steve Jobs 'Inspiration' poster

Steve Jobs Inspiration poster
(Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

  • A Spanish proverb underscoring why truthfulness is a good habit to cultivate;
  • an article that shares 7 ways to sharpen marketing and presentation skills so you can sell your ideas ‘The Steve Jobs Way’;
  • an article explaining how choosing shoes, eating marshmallows, and interacting with dogs can reveal the state of your mental health;
  • an article revealing how surprisingly simple habits like exercise can improve the health of your brain and memory;
  • an infographic explaining what your product and brand colors communicate about your business;
  • an article showing 5 quick ways to get more traffic to your site with a single post (or article);
  • and a link to @nycework’s previous tweet digest with a post about 8 essential life skills they didn’t teach you in school and why it’s important to master these skills…and more.



Mar 10

“He who is caught in a lie is not believed when he tells the truth.”~Spanish Proverb | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-6Z #qotw

Last week’s highlights: 8 Essential Life Skills They Didn’t Teach You in school… & more | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-6H

Mar 11

7 Tips to Sell Your Ideas ‘The #SteveJobs Way’ (via @greatleadership) | http://is.gd/zyejNB #marketing #smallbiz

Mar 12

How Shoes, Marshmallows and Dogs Reveal Your #MentalHealth (via @psychtoday) | http://wp.me/p1M3rB-5Q #health #psychology

Mar 13

#HowTo Build a Better #Brain and Improve Your #Memory (via @psychtoday @swhitbo) | http://is.gd/qPlekT #health

Mar 14

#Infographic: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your #Business (via @marketo) | http://is.gd/HeCibL #marketing

Mar 15

5 Simple Ways to Get More Traffic On a Single Post (via @tipsotricks) | http://is.gd/Akah0B #blogging #marketing

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