Nyce Work! Eco-friendly Diaper-Laundering Service Launches in NYC

TTMHBATG – August 24, 2011, New York City

It’s official! Nycework’s cloth diaper-laundering service is up and running. If you are among New York City’s parents and caregivers who have a fondness for the little bundles of joy in your care, and consider the well-being of our community and Planet Earth to be priorities, then this diaper laundering service might just be for you. And the service rates leave a light footprint on your bank account, too.

What is the service?
For whom is this service?
What the service is not?
How does it work?
What areas are serviced?
How much does it cost?
What are the accepted payment methods?
How do I get started?

What *Is* This Service?

Nycework’s diaper-laundering service is an eco-friendly service that launders cloth diapers in the geographic area commonly known as New York City. Only environmentally-friendly, biodegradable laundering products are used. The pickup and delivery system hopes to use mostly human-powered or renewable-energy modes of transport. It must be stated, however, that there might be situations that call for use of public transportation or other conventional modes of transport (for now).

For Whom Is This Service?

First and foremost, this service is for parents or caregivers who already use cloth diapers but need help laundering diapers for a little ‘lightening of their burden.’ (For other interested caregivers or caregivers-to-be, see the section entitled “What This Service Is Not.“)

Secondly, the service hopes to help our local community and economy by putting able-bodied, socially and environmentally conscious, entrepreneurial folks to ‘service’ (and exercise) by using mostly human-powered or renewable-energy modes of transportation.

Third but not least (and in no particular order), by thinking ‘green’ this service hopes to be of benefit to our global community, our ecosystem and our host, Planet Earth.

What This Service Is Not

This service is not a full-fledged diaper delivery service. It does not deliver brand-new diapers or other related services at this time. This may all be subject to change in the future (based on demand). There are two local, full-scale diaper delivery services. You can visit their sites here and here.

How Does It Work?

  1. Contact nycework using the Quick Service Scheduler in the sidebar above or the Service Scheduler.
  2. You will be contacted and given a confirmation code.
  3. Place soiled diapers in a recyclable (and washable) container.
  4. Tag or label the container with the pickup confirmation code you were given.
  5. When the pickup person arrives, give him or her the packaged diapers only if the pickup confirmation code he or she gives you matches the confirmation code you were given. No exceptions.
  6. The diapers (and recyclable container) are cleaned using only eco-friendly detergents, products and softeners. Diapers are then folded and repackaged for delivery.
  7. You will receive a delivery notification and tracking code.
  8. Clean diapers are delivered to you.
  9. Give payment and delivery tracking code to the delivery person to complete the transaction.
That’s all there is to it!

What Areas Are Serviced?

The trial market covers lower Manhattan to 125th Street in Harlem; hope to expand depending on customer response.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start at $18 per delivery/pickup cycle for up to 60 diapers.

What are the accepted payment methods?

At this time, only cash payments are accepted, and payment is due on delivery.

How Do I Get Started?

The recommended way to get started: Fill out the Quick Service Scheduler in the sidebar above or go to the Service Scheduler.

You may also call or send a text message to 347.541.3883. (top of page)

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